Everyone wants to present their event in the best light and sometimes, your budget needs a little tender loving care.  A few years ago I introduced monoline addressing and it was WILDLY popular!  Monoline calligraphy is simply calligraphy styling with an art pen.  There are almost NO limitations when it comes to colors so it can fit right in with your color scheme or theme.

The styles below are monoline samples of a few of the styles to the right.  Monoline can be used on any of the styles shown to the right with the exceptions of the styles noted as "script".  The price is $1.25 per envelope for monoline envelopes, outer, and $1.45 for outer and inner sets.



I am pleased to present to you some of the many various styles I've offered over the years.  These are the most popular of all the ones I've done.  If you like the one-line style of Champagne but the lettering style of Lind, I'm flexible.  Remember, it's YOUR wedding and you choose the style. 

Please refer to the style name when choosing the style for your envelopes.  If you do not see here what you are looking for, perhaps we can discuss duplicating a font used on your invitations.

Other things to consider:  Do you want your addresses lines centered, left justified, or staggered?

Do you want your zip code on the same line as the city and state, or on the very last line, spread out or numbers close together?