Programs, menus, seating charts, scrolls, wedding vows, and certificates are priced on an individual basis. 

Custom card sets for wedding party presents and customized guest gift bags are available.

County Marriage Certificates:  No charge.  It is a privilege to commemorate your marriage with a beautifully lettered marriage license from your county clerk's office.

Commissioned work is priced on an individual basis.

There is no set-up or consultation fee.

I do ask for typewritten address lists.  It may be as a hard copy with the envelopes or e-mailed as an attachment in either Word or Excel format.
The Process
Guest lists can be e-mailed to me in Word or Excel format.  You may also include a hard copy of the list if you ship your envelopes to me yourself and if any changes or corrections are necessary, they can be taken care of via e-mails through the process.

Your list should be set up in a manner that contains the guest name, address, city, state, and zip code for each of your guests as you want them to be addressed.  If there are inner envelopes, please make that designation as well, along with how you choose to have the inner envelopes worded.  Please feel free to ask me for a set of Etiquette Guidelines to be e-mailed to you, and as always, don’t hesitate to ask questions along the way.  I remind my clients that the guidelines are just that: guidelines.  They are not set in stone and you are free to have envelopes addressed however you wish, formal, informal, familiar, or with nicknames or monikers special to you and your guest.

If you would like to have a keepsake envelope addressed for yourself, please indicate that to me and I will be happy to do so at no charge to you.  If you plan on photographing your "keepsake" envelope to share on social media, please let me know and I'll prepare one with a fake name and address for you.  We don't live in a world where you can post things like your address online and sadly, there are people that troll wedding sites and see your wedding date and your envelope, put two and two together, and homes have been robbed while you're on your honeymoon.  I'm all for sharing your joy and thank you for sharing my work on the Internet, but let's be safe about things and come up with some fake stuff so the trolls don't have the upper hand.  It's a matter of safety.  YOUR safety.

Let's Begin

There is no order minimum and there is no order maximum, though we will need to agree on additional time for large orders over 200+ envelopes.

I do ask for additional envelopes when you place your order with your stationer.  These additional envelopes are for corrections, additions, and the B list guests.  An additional 20-25% more envelopes above what you will actually need is a good rule of thumb.  Upon sending your finished order back to you, I will keep the remaining envelopes in case you have a guest that has moved or you find a change that needs made.  Once you are satisfied that all corrections or additions have been made, I will gladly return those remaining envelopes to you.

You may use any shipping method you wish to send your envelopes to me.  If they are coming from your designer or an invitation company, you are thankfully relieved of that duty!  Personally, I prefer Two-Day Priority through the US Postal Service.  If you can use their flat-rate boxes, you are shipping your order in a really cost-effective method and my mail carriers take exceptional care of all packages coming my way.  Likewise, unless you provide an account number for me via Fed-Ex or UPS, I will return your order to you via Two-Day Priority Mail as well, and your total bill will contain a cost of return shipping.   Please do not send your envelopes to me without prior notification so I can watch for them.  Once they are shipped or coming my way, please provide for me, if you can, a delivery code so it can be tracked online.

Once your order has arrived I will notify you via e-mail.

For rush orders there will be an additional charge of 25% of your total order for jobs which must be completed less than 10 days of receipt of your order.  Last minute bookings are fine, if my schedule permits.

I do not require a deposit for addressing your order.  Prior to your order arriving, I will assist you to determine the total and I ask that it arrive either with your order or prior to shipping. 

If you wish to reserve time several months ahead of time, there is no deposit needed to reserve your space.  Your confirmation will be enough to reserve space.  If you change your mind or do not need the addressing service, please let me know as soon as you possibly can.

Return shipping will be included in your total, and is via Priority Mail.  Express mail is also available for the full price of shipping.  We will determine as much of this as possible prior to starting your order.  If Express overnight deliver is requested and your packages arrives later than the Post Office guarantees, a refund for shipping charges only will be given.

If your full payment is not included with your order at the beginning, final payment is required when your order is completed prior to shipping it back to you.  There are several options for making your payment:

Preferred method of payment is by paying with a credit card through secure e-mail PayPal service.

By mailing a check or money order for the total amount due plus shipping.  Checks and money orders are only accepted for the full amount at the time I receive your order, giving them sufficient time to clear and are only accepted from United States customers.

PayPal payments are the easiest, most convenient method of payment.  If you do not currently have a PayPal account, I strongly suggest that you do NOT apply for one prior to making your payment.  This will actually delay your ability to pay by credit card since PayPal will require you to verify a linking bank account which can take a few days.  If you do wish to have your own account, you can do so at  If you already have one, you are already aware of how easy it is to use.

When paying by this method, you will receive an invoice via e-mail with your total amount due and you can then proceed to PayPal to pay the amount due.

 Orders are not returned completed until final payment is handled.

Outside envelope (non-script styles) $1.50 each
Outside/inside sets (non-script styles) $1.75 per set
Outside envelope (script styles):  $1.75 each
Outside/inside sets (script styles):  $2.00 per set

Return address (not previously printed), per envelope:  $.75

Reception escort cards (starting at):  $1.25 apiece
Reception place cards (starting at):  $1.00 apiece

Table names/numbers (starting at) per side:  $1.50

Assembling and stuffing invitation sets, preparing
for mailing (starting at):  $1 per set
(does not include postage)

A wide variety of ink colors are available at no additional cost.