Chalkboards and signs have grown in popularity in the wedding industry, but the reality is that anywhere and any place is a great place for a sign!  If chalkboards aren't your thing, wood signs, glass/windows, tiles, and lucite work beautifully.

You can choose from chalk pencils for a softer look, or chalk markers for a bolder look.  Or, if you want a more traditional look, calligraphy ink and pens work beautifully, too.  The possibilities are virtually limitless and the color options are endless.

Pricing for signs is $25 per hour plus the cost of the chalkboard.  Final cost depends on the amount of text desired.   Most signs can be done in under an hour, some may take a bit longer.  My goal is to keep the cost under control and honor your budget while giving you a beautiful sign or two for your special day.

Not getting married but you want a chalkboard sign for your house?  Love to!  Just ring or write!